Shaping the future of Aboriginal Tourism

AtBC Governance

AtBC is actively seeking to embrace Aboriginal Cultural Tourism participants in the Province by considering them “stakeholders”.

AtBC is equally encouraging the Aboriginal Cultural Tourism industry participants to become involved in the decision-making process pertinent to all AtBC programming. Any Aboriginal Cultural Tourism operator who seeks to participate in AtBC’s decisions can earn a voting right in exchange for investing in an AtBC marketing program.

Benefits of the Stakeholder Model

Increasing awareness of the AtBC value proposition.

  • Increasing Investments.
  • Increased Offerings.

The Stakeholder Model is a Win-Win-Win opportunity for tourists, tourism operators and AtBC alike.

  • Tourists will benefit from a larger selection of choices as AtBC would represent and promote the entire spectrum of tourism products and services in BC.
  • The tourism operators and, by extrapolation, the tourism industry will benefit from a greater number of Marketing Initiatives promoting their individual services.
  • AtBC will benefit from a stronger, more relevant representation of all tourism operators in BC, positioning it as an impactful organization and the destination of choice for all BC tourists.

AtBC Bylaws

AtBC - Overview - Transition to the Stakeholder Model