Shaping the future of Aboriginal Tourism

Training and Development

The Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC) is a non-profit, Stakeholder-based organization that is committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich Aboriginal tourism industry.  As a cultural tourism sector organization, AtBC currently provides marketing, product development and capacity building for Aboriginal communities and businesses throughout BC.  AtBC has been recognized as a world leader due to unprecedented standards and recognition of consumer demands. 

Since AtBC’s inception, the development and provision of training and capacity building programs has been considered part of the organization’s mandate and one of its foundational strategies to build a sustainable, culturally rich Aboriginal tourism industry.   Indeed, in order to develop more ‘market ready’ authentic Aboriginal cultural experiences, it is essential that programs be made available that address a wide range of needs and levels of market readiness.

With this in mind, AtBC is pleased to offer the following 12 programs.  Some programs are facilitated directly by the AtBC team and in other cases, AtBC is a portal for ‘one-stop’ direction to qualified consultants, facilitators and educational institutions that we feel will best serve the needs of Aboriginal communities, entrepreneurs and employees.

Communities, entrepreneurs and individuals are encouraged to review these offerings and determine which are appropriate for their unique situation.  There is no need to engage in all these programs, or to follow them sequentially unless this is the best plan in the circumstances.

  1. Exploring the Potential of Aboriginal Cultural Tourism for your Community
  2. Building Community Support for Aboriginal Cultural Tourism
  3. Establishing Cultural Sharing Protocols
  4. Establishing an Entrepreneurial Business
  5. Feasibility Analysis
  6. Business Planning
  7. Skills Development for Entrepreneurs
  8. On Call Support for New and Existing Businesses
  9. Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Career Opportunities
  10. First Host Front Line Service Training
  11. Cultural Interpretation Training
  12. Building Your Resume


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Training & Development
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